“This is my Defender 90 taken on the Makgadikgadi Pans near Kukonje Island with a Nikon D80. We rushed there and forgot to get wood from the fuel station in Francistown. We could not find any wood on the side of the road and decided to ask this lone man walking next to the road. He instructed us to follow him to his village (in the middle of nowhere) where he said it will cost us 60 pula. We thought we were being ripped off, but we had no choice. He and his son then started loading wood on my roof. After a while, I pleaded that they stop, but he just said, “No, you paid P60, you get more wood.” Well, later on, that wood saved four vehicles from our convoy after being badly stuck on the pans. Best P60 I’ve ever spent.” – Regard van Wyk (Pretoria)