Africa’s elephant poaching crisis has spiralled out of control – losing 100 000 elephants in just three years. South Africa’s first-ever, all-woman expedition, the Elephant Ignite Expedition (EIE) will embark on an incredible journey through Africa to bring the global spotlight on the plight of these gentle creature.

Women for WildlifeThis intrepid group of females will undertake a 10 000 km, 100-day expedition through Africa as they plan to meet with conservationists, volunteers and build relationship with local communities.

The matriarch of the herd is experienced African explorer, Carla Geyser, founder of Blue Sky Society. She’s the brainchild behind the Elephant Ignite Expedition (EIE), a fund-raising initiative that aims to raise awareness and fight against the poaching of African elephants.

But the expedition is not just focussed on one aspect of conservation. Organisations targeted for visits have contributed in a number of diverse ways to alleviating human-elephant conflict and protecting the species.

We recently spoke to Carla to understand the motivation and circumstances of the long and dusty journey ahead of her. It all started for Carla in 2012 after completing the Put Foot Rally. “As I love adventure, trekking across Africa is a passion of mine. But elephants also fascinate me, because of their nurturing nature.”

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To donate, SMS the word ‘EIE’ to 40066 to donate R20 towards the ELEPHANT IGNITE EXPEDITION. Alternatively, visit their website to find out how you can get involved.


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