Stretching out across central Morocco, the Todra and Dades Valley is harsh and desolated land. However, a bleak beauty awaits overlanders brave enough to pass the two gorges that cut from the valley into the High Atlas Mountains. But for intrepid travellers, Campbell Litster and Linnea Cooper, this was a challenge they weren’t prepared to back down from. After all, they were driving in a Defender 200 Tdi. Disregarding all warnings from Toyota owners about the piste (pass) being ‘impassable’, the couple set off to complete the 40km journey. After four days of back-breaking labour and a few hair-raising moments, the piste proved relentless. This is their story.

The Todra to Dades piste (pass) in Morocco is a favourite amongst overlanders. It’s a short 40km piste through the High Atlas Mountains in central Morocco that joins these two scenic gorges.

But due to heavy rainfall and flooding in the area, the road was closed for several months. Despite efforts from several teams of intrepid explorers, it still remains impassable.

“Todra to Dades piste? Forget it, it’s impassable” said Frederik, whom we just met. He is a Belgian travelling with his father through Morocco. But when he uttered those words, I knew that our journey had unofficially begun. Frederik and his father attempted the piste for three days but gave up midway due to the hard toil and extreme terrain….

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