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Picture credit: Melissa Wynne (Rhinos in iMofolozi)

Rhino poaching has reached crisis point. South Africa has by far the largest population of rhinos in the world and is extremely important for the conservation of these animals. Vietnam has emerged as the country with the biggest appetite for rhino horn and is currently the source of Asia’s illicit rhino horn trade. Land Rover AFRICA Magazine spoke to Nadav Ossendryver (18), founder of Latest Sightings, one of five South African Youth Rhino Ambassadors chosen to go to Vietnam on a campaign for change.

The South African Department of Environmental Affairs recently released a graph showing rhino poaching figures from over the last eight years to illustrate the severity of the problem. Rhino poaching figures have gone from 13 in 2007 to 1 215 in 2014 and just under 800 in 2015. At this rate, we could see rhino deaths surpass births by 2017…

Read the full story in Issue#18 of Land Rover AFRICA Magazine.

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Prince Harry and Nadav Ossendryver, founder of Latest, share a handshake and a few ideas during the prince’s recent visit to Africa.