Through a series of 4×4 events sifting out qualifiers for the grand finale, The 2016 Dust Challenge is a first of its kind 4×4 event to sink your tyres into. The first event is a midnight 4×4 challenge taking place on 16 April 2016. Do you have what it takes to be the country’s ultimate 4×4 off-roader? IMG_2073_1024

This exclusive event only has a limited number of entries available, but offers more value for money with TWO trails, goodie bags and catering.

The goal: To find the country’s ultimate 4×4 and off-road driver. But this isn’t a ‘mine is bigger than yours’ event. The four different qualifiers will be on different terrains and involve different types of off-road driving to test the driving and navigational skills of all who enter.

The first qualifier in the series takes place on 16 April around Kuils River and Stellenbosch on one well-known 4×4 trail and one trail that is exclusively available for this event only. But what makes this qualifier different, is that it takes place in the dark of night.

The Dust Challenge Series: Midnight will test the night driving and navigational skills of a driver and navigator over some rough terrain. There will be an option to choose a less challenging route for less points. These easy riders won’t have to give up their dreams of victory though – a competitor choosing the more challenging route might just drive out of there pointless. P1020516

The Dust Media events are not aimed solely at hard-core 4x4s with huge wheels and expensive setups, and the playing field will be levelled with obstacles and routes planned to not favour hard-core 4x4s over standard 4x4s.

The winner, second and third placed participant at each of these events will qualify for the grand final that will take place in November during the inaugural Tankwa Dust Challenge on Stonehenge Farm. After showing their mettle at night, on sand, over a weekend and in mud and grime, finalists will be well equipped to take part in the gruelling multi-day final in the Tankwa, which will be designed to test all aspects of 4×4-ing and overlanding.

Entries are coming in steadily, but luckily there is still a limited number of spaces available for anyone interested to take part in this event. Contact Gerrie van Eeden (082 374 4193; or visit the website ( for more information.

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