If you think you’ve got the best job ever, just talk to Land Rover’s first-female vehicle programme director and driving force behind the company’s much-anticipated Range Rover Evoque Convertible, Danella Bagnall.

RRE_Convertible_009Born and raised in Coventry, Britain’s original ‘motor city,’ and strong at math and science during her school days, Danella has risen through the ranks from an industry apprentice at the tender age of 16 to become one of Land Rover’s most-respected engineers.

Danella was put in charge of the Evoque Convertible’s entire manufacturing process – from paper blueprint to final production. She’s Land Rover’s first-ever female vehicle programme director and already making her mark as the driving force behind the hotly-anticipated Evoque Convertible, with female buyers across the country set to lap it up.

When you’re building a sexy-looking convertible (with women in mind), it helps to have a female boss/engineer calling the shots. But although this four-seater, four-wheel drive was built with the needs of single and family-focused female drivers in mind, it’s not biased towards men. We chat to her about her career and aspirations and what buyers can expect from the Evoque Convertible.

Q: Is engineering a dream job for you?

DB: At school, I was really good at math and science and somewhat interest in engineering. But I didn’t really know what engineering was. I went to school in Coventry and took an apprenticeship with Austin Rover Company. They sponsored me through my mechanical engineering degree. After I graduated, I worked there full time. By then, I was completely hooked on cars and the concept of collaborating, designing and building cars – it was a dream job. Although I didn’t realise it when I was at school trying to work out what I wanted to do…

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