As outdoor enthusiasts and fellow-adventurers, we understand the need for space. As spacious as a Land Rover is, sometimes, it’s just not enough. Many of you use your Landy to explore, photograph or camp, and organising storage in your vehicle will ultimately create more space and comfort for driver and passengers. You want something that’s tough, spacious and convenient. Enter, Front Runner’s new unique drawer storage system.

Front Runner’s unique drawer storage system is engineered from fine industrial strength materials (mild steel, lightweight aluminium and plywood). Rugged and innovative, the drawer system blends seamlessly with your vehicle’s interior. There’s no drilling required. It features a special ‘Hold-Open’ feature and installation and removal is easy.

Choose between the fixed, flat roller or removable box drawers. The flat roller makes the drawer come to you! Simply slide out heavy goods from your load area in one smooth motion with industrial grade low-profile roller-slides. The removable box drawers is a breeze for arranging your gear into separate removable compartments using stackable wolf packs or cub boxes.

With Front Runner’s unique drawer storage system, you can travel in comfort, knowing that your equipment is safe and securely stored, and your holiday adventure is worry-free. For more information, visit


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