The Land Rover AFRICA team has completed the first week of their Cape to Dar es Salaam Expedition, and it has been nothing short of spectacular. From Sossusvlei, we headed out to Windhoek where we interviewed the new owner of the iconic Joe’s Beerhouse for an upcoming feature. The Sun Karros Lodge at the Daan Viljoen Game Reserve made for a wonderful stay and we got to share our accommodation with zebras, wildebeest and warthogs. From there, we headed to Etosha and spent the night at the exquisite Epacha Wildlife and Wellness Resort. We traversed the world-renowned Etosha National Park, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. We managed to get up close and personal with elephants, springbok, giraffe, rhino and loads of other

game. Stretching over hundreds of kilometers, the vast saltpans of Etosha make one feel slightly small and insignificant. We witnessed an incredible sunset in Rundu where we set-up camp for the night, while Reuben Riffel treated us to a gourmet cottage pie on the braai. The next day saw us up before sunrise for a lengthy drive to Zambia. We spent 12 hours on the road, crossing four countries and eight border posts in one afternoon. This gave us some ammunition to write a good ‘dos and don’ts’ article on crossing African borders. The beauty of our continent is phenomenal, and you don’t need to travel far to see wildlife. Everywhere we go, we receive warm welcomes from the locals and it’s particularly special to see how humans and animals live harmoniously throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Arriving at the David Livingstone Safari Lodge and Spa and passing through the magnificent Victoria Waterfalls was a real highlight. The mist from the ‘smoke that thunders’ could be felt as we entered Zambia, and the powerful force of this World Wonder was truly something to behold. The David Livingstone Safari Lodge and Spa lives up to its reputation as one of the most lavish and well-operated lodges in the world, and hearing fish eagles and hippos right outside your room made the day’s driving well worth it. We’re currently settling into the breathtaking Wilderness Safari’s Toka Leya Lodge.