DSC_0763In terms of diversity and wildlife, the Kruger National Park is vast. Your Land Rover’s standard 6.0mm-thick windscreen is all that separates you from some of the wildest beasts on the African continent. With well-maintained roads in the Kruger, it is like a smooth cruise down the Big Five country highway. If you’re in the mood for a fast and fun family escape, then the Kruger is an excellent getaway to consider.

The FIVE best self-drives in the Kruger National Park

Chatting to a local SANParks game ranger, we manage to find some of the best self-drive routes in the Kruger National Park. You’re welcome!


  1. Olifants River Loop (S91 and S92)

Follow this loop that run’s along a narrow section of the river. The bush is dense and thick, but there are several slopes that offer excellent viewing spots across the bush and landscapes. Where: -24.017224, 31.66749 | Wildlife: Buffalo, elephant, fish eagle, giraffe, leopard, lion, waterbuck | Total distance: 12km

     2.   Crocodile Bridge and Lower Sabie (S28)

A gravel road in the south of the park (between Crocodile Bridge Rest Camp and Lower Sabie) can be straight and flat (and seemingly boring!). However, it’s often teeming with wildlife. Where: -25.207193, 31.959229 | Wildlife: Elephant, giraffe, lion, white rhino, zebra | Total distance: 24km

    3. Skukuza Loop (H4-1, H12, H1-2)

The H4-1 runs all along the Sabie River while the H1-2 follows the Sand River to some exquisite wildlife spots. These routes are fantastic for when you’re staying at Skukuza Rest Camp. Where: -24.013853, 31.651611 | Wildlife: Buffalo, crocodile, elephant, giant water monitor, hippopotamus, leopard, lion and an array of birdlife | Total distance: 34km

4. Crocodile River Road (S25)

DSC_0746The Crocodile Bridge Rest Camp to Berg-en-Dal Rest Camp is connected via this very scenic route that follows the river, with thick vegetation throughout most of the year. A short detour (down S27) will take you to Hippo Pools Lookout. Where: -25.185059, 31.860352 | Wildlife: Elephant, giraffe, hyena, kudu, lion, waterbuck, white rhino | Total Distance: 55km

5. Doispane Road (S3)

The loop runs from Skukuza Rest Camp toward the west of the park. The Doispane Road is grassy with lower bushes for ideal wildlife views. This section also runs along a quieter section of the Sabie River. Where: -24.97043, 31.41065 | Wildlife: Bushbuck, elephant, giraffe, hippopotamus, leopard, lion, white rhino | Total distance: 80km