Catch the full report of LRA’s Cape to Dar expedition: Tanzania (A Trip on the Wild Side) in issue 13 of Land Rover AFRICA Magazine (available from May 2015)



As an overland destination, Tanzania is one we’d recommend to those with a series vein for adventure. Home to a string of other world-famous wildlife sanctuaries, Tanzania is one of the most premier safari destinations in the world. From the multi-cultural melting pot of Dar es Salaam in the east; the towering summit of Kilimanjaro in the north; and the paradise beaches and spice-filled bazaars of Zanzibar – 40 km off the coast – Tanzania is a shifting landscape. This East African country provides solace for only those who prefer a healthy dollop of adventure on their menus. Land Rover AFRICA Magazine’s epic Cape to Dar es Salaam Expedition 2014 concludes their adventure with a walk on the wild side in Tanzania.




This journey was a life-changing adventure” – Reuben Riffel, MasterChef SA judge and celebrity chef.

Our fleet of Freelanders held their own throughout the expedition and handled everything we (and Africa) managed to throw at it” – Andy Mark, Land Rover AFRICA Magazine editor-in-chief and publisher