Land Rover has announced an all-new model to add to the Range Rover line up. Yep, the fourth Range Rover! It’s called the Range Rover Velar, and will be unveiled at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show in March.



According to Land Rover, there was “white space” between the Evoque and Range Rover Sport, which this new Velar will aim to fill. If I were to place it appropriately in the family hierarchy, I’d say it’s big brother to the Evoque and little brother to both the Range Rover Sport and Big Body Rangie. 

Land Rover’s chief design officer, Gerry McGovern, said: “We call the Velar the avant garde Range Rover. It brings a new dimension of glamour, modernity and elegance to the brand. The Range Rover Velar changes everything.”

What’s a Velar, you wonder? Well, the new Range Rover takes its name from the original RR prototypes from the 1960s. Back then, development engineers needed to shroud the first RR to conceal its identity and keep it a secret, and chose the name because it derives from the Latin ‘velare,’ which means ‘veil’, or ‘cover’. 

The luxury SUV was created in 1970 when Land Rover launched the original Range Rover. Almost half a century later that spirit of innovation continues with the introduction of the fourth member of the Range Rover family, to be unveiled on 1 March 2017.

Refined for every occasion, for every terrain, Velar uses unique sustainable materials and advanced engineering to continue Land Rover’s drive to go Above and Beyond. Full details of the Range Rover Velar will be announced on 1 March 2017.