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The Defender Trophy is Back!

Defender owners, roll up your sleeves as the highly-popular original Defender Trophy is set to make a comeback ̵ ...

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All of a sudden, the same macho-looking Evoque came flying past. Was this crazy guy going to attempt this gruelling five-day trip

Ian Theron (Issue 1, Sand Roving the Skeleton Coast)

My Defender 110 can’t wait to enjoy the roads of South Africa, under bright white Karoo skies

Ilan Ossendryver (Land Rover AFRICA reader)

Land Rover has always been my vehicle of choice, and has never missed a beat, even in the toughest conditions

Kingsley Holgate

We all know that the heartbeat of Land Rover is in Mama Africa. The Kingsley Holgate Expedition team wishes the magazine every success

Kingsley Holgate

Wherever our geographic and humanitarian adventures take us, Land Rover has never let us down, allowing us to go above and beyond.

Kingsley Holgate

Land Rover vehicles have taken me and my team along the entire outline of Africa through 33 countries and completed a Cape to Cairo mission. These vehicles have survived the mud slogs of Cameroon and war-torn Liberia in the rainy season, the Great Sahara Desert, the Danakil depression in north-western Ethiopia and Assal, the lowest point on the African continent.

Kingsley Holgate

A hippo bull watched us approach his territory and in a tremendous show of power and superiority, charged the boat

Leaan Verwey (LRA contributor in Chobe)

There is nothing like thinly sliced cold fillet and mayonnaise under a tree on Deception Pan with gemsbok grazing 50 m away

Anthon Botha (LRA contributor in Botswana)